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jeans how they used to be

A classic five-pocket blue jeans sold through a better business model

Enhanced wearing comfort

Patterns cut for different body types and utilization of a gusset to increase wearing comfort.

Made to last

Conscious fabric selection and high quality manufacturing to enhance durability.

Radical better Price

Utilizing the power of crowdsourcing and on-demand production to achieve a better price point.

Why we made this

We are sick of all the fast fashion jeans, that fit badly and rip after just several weeks of wearing. We want to change this and offer a pair of blue jeans, like they used to be made. No fancy washings and ready-made holes. Just a sturdy 100% cotton jean to accompany you everyday, everywhere.
With well thought out cutting patterns and fabric selection to enhance wearing comfort and durability of the jeans. The raw materials are sustainably sourced and the jeans are made in Europe.
There is no reason why a pair of jeans need to cost hundreds of Euros. That’s why we use a smarter business model to create maximum value for you.

Tech specs

Fits according to different body types

13.75oz (470 g/m²) denim fabric (preshrunk) made in Italy

71% pre-consumer recycled cotton, 29% cotton

Smart-Indigo dyeing technology

Mobility gusset

Button fly with screwable buttons

Jacron backpatch

Dimensions true to size

Production in Europe


For us, sustainability isn’t just a fancy feature, but a pre-requisite for all of our business actions.
Our first pillar of sustainability is our business model: with crowdsourcing, we only produce what is asked from the market without generating waste (on average 10-30% of every collection is overproduction and will be discarded unworn).
The second pillar is product related. This includes the careful sourcing of sustainable raw materials e.g., fabrics with recyled fiber content and utilization of state-of-the-art dyeing technologies to eliminate hazardous wastewater and reduce the carbon footprint. Recyclability is considered already in the design of our garments (using mono-materials).

Crowdsourcing & on-Demand Production

With crowdsourcing you empower us to match supply and demand perfectly for our jeans production. This helps us to mitigate overproduction and reduce related costs significantly. On-demand production reduces our warehousing costs because we have no stock piling up. Our goal is to maximize value for you and pass these savings back on to you.

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